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Radium Strut Bar Kit (86/BRZ)

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Fitment Guide: 86/BRZ, 12-21

Product Description

The Radium Engineering adjustable strut tower brace was designed to secure the front strut towers together laterally and increase chassis stiffness. It is compatible with all 2012+ Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86 models.

For optimal rigidity, this kit uses a straight 1" OD round bar manufactured from lightweight 6061 aluminum. After machining it is anodized for a long lasting attractive finish. The bar does not need to be removed to adjust preload. Simply loosen the aluminum jam nuts and rotate the bar.

Machined from 6061 aluminum, the mounts tie the chassis, rod ends, and gussets together. There is no welding involved on these parts, which can soften the aluminum and compromise strength.

Some strut bar kits on the market use a straight bar which is ideal for rigidity. However, they do not allow the necessary head room required for aftermarket performance upgrades. As shown below, the Radium raised the bar as high as possible to provides ample room (~1.5" above the intake manifold). Note: the Radium strut bar does NOT clear the Innovate Motorsports supercharger kit.

In order to provide the necessary structural ridgidity, Radium implemented an aluminum gusset that utilizes all strut bolt connection points (3 per side), shown below. These gussets are manufactured from aluminum, powder coated, and then laser etched with the Radium logo.

Rod Ends
The solid rod ends and jam nuts are machined from 6061 aluminum and are anodized for an attractive and durable finish. Left-hand and right-hand threaded rod ends are used in the kit.  This allows the installer to customize the tension preload put into the chassis.



  • Gusseted end plates that take advantage of all 6 strut bolts
  • Straight machined aluminum bar for added rigidity
  • Preload tensioning adjustability
  • Solid anodized aluminum rod ends and jam nuts
  • Complete weldless design
  • Works with OEM diagonal braces
  • Reduces strut tower flex which can lead to undesireble camber changes
  • Improves steering response and handling
  • Quick and easy installation


Important Notes:

  • Check clearance with aftermarket forced induction (supercharger kits) before ordering.
  • The mounts may need to be shimmed with washers to clear some aftermarket coilovers.