Our Services

Servicing - Including Log Book Services

Why use a specialist for general servicing? We know what we are doing so we get it done quickly and without hassle. We are fully qualified to complete your Subaru’s Logbook Services, and only use Genuine Subaru parts. Contact us to learn about our affordable servicing options.

Performance Modifications

Maybe you want it to make your car a little louder, or maybe you just want to make it that bit faster. We provide aftermarket part installation and tuning in-house. So whether you’re looking for a tune, or you want a turbo or supercharger installed. We have the knowledge and expertise to realise your car’s potential. Contact us today for a personalised quote.

Track Car Preparation & Support

Whether you have a track car and are looking for a new preparation specialist or you are looking to start the journey from scratch, we provide tailored solutions for your specific situation and goals. We provide one-on-one track support for many customers in SEQ and have helped countless customers shave seconds off their lap-times and engineer custom solutions to suit their specific wants and needs. Whether your looking to keep your track car road legal or CAMS compliant, we can help realise your car’s potential.