PFC Carbon Metalic Brake Pads (86/BRZ)

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The86Shop Recommendation: The86Shop recommends PFC Ceramic Brake Pads for serious track application when optimum braking performance & pedal feel is desired. Track use only. Motorsport specification rotors are highly recommended. 


Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Pads provide the stopping power, extended wear, noise reduction and driver control you want.


Developed to provide the ultimate in stopping power and fade-free feel. PFC pads are produced from a Carbon Metallic? composition. Carbon possesses excellent dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. Therefore, the pad is less likely to deform and deteriorate at high temperatures, which can range anywhere between 300 Degrees C and 800 Degrees C. the metallic elements help to increase the coefficient of friction of the pad material for improving braking. All PFC compounds have similar relative density / structural integrity/compressibility and Rockwell hardness. In other words, all PFC pads are in the region of medium to hard. The terms soft - medium - hard, tend to be used by pad manufacturers where they produce a pad to cope with one criterion, but exhibit poor performance in other areas. PFC pads are one of the few in the marketplace that can offer excellent stopping power with excellent wear characteristics of both the pad and disc. the difference in compounds is more a measure of the characteristics of that compound, rather than a measure of its softness or hardness.


Compound 01

The standard by which all brake pads are now judged. 01 has high initial bite, and torque, with very little torque rise with temperature. At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter and improved modulation with excellent release. 01 compound has good disc conditioning properties with low wear. Winner of more World and National Championships annually than other brake pads on the market.

Recommended for a wide variety of applications.