GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake Kit (86/BRZ)

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Fitment Guide: 86/BRZ, 12-21


The design of the Grimmspeed Cold Air Intake started as a solution to fill simple needs. They wanted it to not only be safe for the engine but also be able to run with or without a tune. They wanted it to be able to install quickly without the removal of the front bumper. They wanted an intake that can make power all throughout the power range instead of just top end power. In the end, they ended up with a complete airbox system that can mimic the factory Air/Fuel ratio. Many Many hours of research and development went into this airbox before they were confident in the final product. They started with a 3d map of the engine bay to ensure the perfect fitment of all parts. The intake tube used eliminates the 90-degree bend present in the factory piece. It is replaced with a hard inlet that offers a much more mild bend with better flow characteristics and not only decreases wind resistance but also helps with accurate MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) readings. The tube itself features an internal air straightener that sorts out the flow going into your engine. The tube then leads into the sealed airbox where the MAF sensor is located to keep away from the heat of the engine and headers to prevent skewed readings.

The airbox is laser cut, CNC bent, then riveted together before it is powder coated with a heavy duty wrinkle black finish. The MAF flanges are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum while the intake tube is fabricated using custom bent tubing that is the perfect diameter for this specific application. Laser-cut from the same 6061 aluminum, the air straightener is TIG welded into place. After welding, each tube is inspected and ported to ensure maximum performance. The tubes are available in either Red or Black for your choice.

The whole kit includes everything needed for installation. It comes with the Airbox assembly, Intake tube, a high flow oiled air filter, 3ft of rubber sealing strip, noise generator delete plug, and all hardware to put it all together.