86/BRZ Over Pipe

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Hand crafted  in Sydney by SME with mandrel bent 304 grade stainless steel including stainless flanges. 86/BRZ over pipes available in 2.5", 2.75" and 3".

Which overpipe is for you?

2.5": The go-to choice for naturally aspirated builds 

2.75": A great option for turbo-charged street cars

3": The big daddy, designed to flow every bit of exhaust gas your boosted FA engine can produce. *Please note upgraded engine mounts are required to avoid the 3" overpipe from knocking on the subframe. We have found great success with the Cusco mounts. There may still be some very light knocking under very heavy engine load which is why we recommend our 3" pipe for predominantly track cars


  • Fitment

  The 3" overpipe will rattle under hard driving conditions unless you fit stiff engine mounts such as the Cusco engine mounts but these will increase NVH also.